Goode Vibes~Jenna Halley Goode

Goode Vibes~Jenna Halley

The beautiful sunset chaser

Yoga, to me, is passion, happiness, and love; however, it hasn't always been that way. The journey within myself through the practice of yoga started as a weight loss tool. I began going to Bikram sporadically at the age of 22, without feeling a connection to the practice, the breathing, or the short Savasana that is included in Bikram's sequence. By the age of 28, I took a more serious approach to my overall well-being. It was at this time that I began to go to Bikram on more of a daily basis and compensating missed practices with runs. I felt like a new person!

In July of 2015, suffering from negativity within my personal and career life, I began craving a more profound and spiritual practice. It was then that I discovered a whole world of yoga beyond the 26 poses of Bikram. My overall well-being improved drastically; however, it still felt like there was something missing from my life.

Shortly thereafter, I spent a magical weekend with a group of incredible souls. We spent the weekend talking, laughing, singing, dancing, and practicing yoga on the beach. I decided, in this beautiful moment, that this is how I want to feel all day, every day for the rest of my existence. That Monday, I marched into my bosses office, with the determination of the pursuit of happiness, and quit my job. He pleaded with me, asking me to sleep on the decision. Who could blame him? I was a teacher quitting mid-year. I agreed, left work that afternoon and went straight to a life-changing yoga class. After almost 90 minutes of asanas, deep breathing, and total awareness of the body, we were told to lift our hips and push up through our palms to Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose). With a full and open heart, my tears began to flow and I finally felt at peace. I found solace and happiness within yoga.

The decision to go to Rishikesh with Michèle came naturally to her and, with a slight nudge, I agreed to go and explore the love of my inner being. In May 2016, I began the journey within the self and I haven't looked back since. It's with an open heart that I will happily extend my passion of yoga to you, beautiful soul. Through happiness and love, together, we can achieve total awareness of the mind, body and soul connection.