Big Dreams~Michèle Bigler

Namaste! I am Michèle, a citizen of the world looking to diffuse the practice of yoga in hopes of impregnating the world with a little bit more love and a lot a bit less hate. A little bit more peace and a lot a bit less stress. Humbly aspiring to eliminate anxiety one breath at a time. Yoga made the first of many impacting appearances in my life through the form of two Danish mermaids. In 2014, whilst participating in a volunteer program for underprivileged children and families my path crossed two enchanting ladies who instantly maneuvered their way into my heart.

We lived and worked together in a colorful house with an open courtyard connecting all of the scattered rooms in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This was the setting in which our early schedules in combination with the children's intense energy often left us drained and lacking energy. One of the mesmerizing mermaids had brought an introductory book to yoga, which we swiftly began to emulate in simple 20-minute sessions at the crack of dawn in the crisp January air.

We weren't preoccupied with the correctness in our interpretations of the poses; rather we embraced this newfound peace in a silent practice that further bonded us. It only took one session to notice the difference it made in our energy levels, patience and interaction with others. The seed was planted. Thereafter, upon returning home I found myself gradually pulled by yoga and continued a self-practice with online videos and parallel research.

It was only after my return to Miami in November of that year that I began practicing in a studio on a daily basis. I was at an impasse in my life having uprooted once again and in a state of overall confusion as to the road I was meant to follow. With a general sense of blindly allowing a complacent routine to take form; I carefully acknowledged the ingredients that were driving me in a self-destructive path and gradually began to eliminate them by replacing them with awareness, kindness and love. All of these elements emanated from yoga and a liberation I was experiencing through coming into contact with like minded individuals. Evidently, the idea of transforming that into a permanent lifestyle began to flourish organically. Shortly after I was called to Rishikesh alongside my best friend to delve into that well of wisdom and share its elixirs. That is my journey, that is my truth. Join me and let us explore the cosmos through dance, practice and meditation. Allow yourself to glimpse inward and attend to the beauty that lies within.